So hot right now

Time has really moved on in Spitalfields market.

Canteen restaurant: an early pioneer of the 'steel and glass' architecture in the new Spitalfields

Ten years ago Londoners were desperate to save the old market vibe - with its scruffy and makeshift stalls - from developers. In a highly publicised media campaign there were anxious articles written about gritty urban authenticity being stifled by corporate blandness. The City was encroaching. It was clearly doomed.

Walk around the area now and all that seems a bit hysterical - it is buzzing. Yes, there is a lot of concrete and steel and glass architecture - Norman Foster-designed offices were built at the western end of the market - but two thirds of the market was rebuilt. 

It has become a hub, not just for shops, bars and restaurants, but for weekly markets and arts events.

New kid on the block is The Lollipop Shoppe, a purveyor of modern furniture and accessories. 

It strikes me as being the epitome of the new Spitalfields. The shop building was redeveloped by groovy architects Found Associates and it sells highly desirable objects which have been thoughtfully sourced by the owners. It's the 2010 version of the marketplace, and it's pretty slick.

It's pretty obvious this is a very cool shop

The floor is black, the walls are black

The chairs stand alone, but they are not alone

The clock is melting